Who we are

We at Podere Lesignano

The Podere Lesignano farm is located in the homonymous hamlet of the Serravalle Castle, on the slopes of Mount Titano.

As can be seen from the cadastral sale deed, Podere Lesignano was acquired in 1850 and in the San Marino vernacular it was identified as “Puder de Pegn” due to the presence of a centuries-old maritime pine.


The Podere in generations

Within five generations of the same family, Podere Lesignano has been able to weave history with the future, combining the more strictly agricultural, commercial and management aspects with the dimension of training, rural tourism and intercultural relations.

The agricultural vocation of the company is therefore very ancient and unfolds along the historical and social events related to the connection. The farms, self-sufficient units from a food, energy and employment point of view, represented the basis on which the entire socio-economic system of the time was based. Currently the Podere Lesignano company extends over a total area of ​​23 hectares divided into 3 distinct lots: the Podere Lesignano, the San Michele farm and the Saudelli.

Today, on the small hill of the Podere, where the centuries-old maritime pine once dominated, a young oak appears, a metaphor for the future and a symbol of social, environmental and cultural responsibility that the company wants to take towards the territory that still hosts it, after about a century and a half of history.