Stop at Podere Lesignano

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To make the visit to San Marino a unique experience, a stop at Podere Lesignano is a must.

Immersed in the greenery between vineyards and olive trees, the farm offers guided tours, workshops, tastings, lunches / dinners and entertainment. The products offered and used are from the company’s organic crops and / or local excellence. The guided tour lasts about 30/40 minutes. The possible routes are:


Wine tasting, extra virgin olive oil, cold cuts and cheeses from the area served with our honey and jams, homemade piadina with stone-ground ash wheat. Desserts from our oven.


Guided tour of the company and wine tasting, in combination a cutting board with homemade bread bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil, croutons with vegetable pate, cold cuts and cheeses

  • With a wine
  • With three wines


Guided tour of the company and lunch with appetizer of croutons with stone-ground ancient grain flour and vegetable paté, piadina with cold cuts and cheeses, seasonal side dishes, typical desserts from the wood oven, wine and water.


Guided tour of the company and laboratory lasting from 1 to 2 hours

  • From wheat to piadina
  • From grapes to wine
  • From olive to oil


duration of the course from 1 to 5 hours with final lunch or dinner. Participants will be left with a memory of the experience

  • The piadina
  • Tagliatelle with meat sauce


it is possible to organize a musical and / or dancing moment (dj, accordion, piano bar, karaoke etc.)

The educational farm

Schools and school trips

The educational farm is an extraordinary natural laboratory and a place of active pedagogy, complementary to the school one, which teachers can use for their educational purposes and represents the opportunity for a journey to discover the countryside where children will learn to understand the origin of food and to know the link between agricultural products and food.

The visit to the Didactic Farm can enrich a school trip with playful training moments to complete the didactic program.


  • Celebrate the beginning of school in an extra-school context as an ideal place to get to know each other-getting to know each other, facilitating insertion and reception;
  • Close the school year before the holidays;
  • Meeting all together after the long summer break;
  • To better develop the theme of seasonality during the school year;
  • To give birth to the love for one’s own territory and the nature that characterizes it;
  • Carry out intercultural and interdisciplinary educational activities;
  • Put what you learned in the classroom into practice.


Food, environmental and eco-sustainability education workshops

  • Cooks on the farm: from the garden to the table
  • Garden teaching
  • Nature walks

Animal Husbandry

  • The walk with the donkey: Slow is better with … the Donkey!

General paths

  • Guided tour of the Podere

Agricultural laboratories

  • From wheat to bread
  • From olive to oil
  • From grapes to wine