Driving school for mothers

He never listens to me when I speak …
He is always distracted and never stands still …
He answers me badly when he gets angry and we always end up fighting …

How many times have you happened to say such phrases about your child?

How many times have you felt disarmed and tired in front of your son who gets angry and doesn’t do what you tell him?

Welcome to the beautiful journey of a mother today.

When you go on a trip it is good to leave equipped knowing who you are traveling with: your son, your daughter or your children.

I’m sure you know your kid likes spaghetti with tuna, you know he loves to ride a horse, he is crazy about pokemon, you know who his best friend is but maybe you might not know how his mind works, what his limits, how afraid he is of his anger that he does not know where to put and how he learns and learns more easily.

Not knowing any of this leads only to one thing: being and feeling distant from you and not being able to create a respectful and sincere relationship.

Today you cannot not know your child at least a little bit unless you want to play your relationship which is the only fixed point that will keep you close and united even in the most difficult and demanding stages of growth.

If you give yourself permission to get to know him even a little, your journey together will surely have an inviting color, smell and taste and finding yourself, understanding, understanding and growing together will certainly be easier.

Driving school for mothers is the result of a collaboration that wants to offer knowledge, support and at the same time relaxation to mothers in the beautiful setting of Podere Lesignano.

The scheduled meetings are aimed at mothers who want:

    • find meeting points with your children more easily
    • discover their uniqueness
    • believe that their children have nothing wrong
    • teaching children that getting angry is useful and useful
    • learn basic rules for healthy family nutrition

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Here are the stages of the Driving School trip for Mothers:

      • Tuesday 25 June from 18.00 to 19.15
        But what do you have in your head? (meeting held by Romina Angeli Coach facilitator)
      • Tuesday 2 July from 18.00 to 19.15
        Mom how do you get angry? (meeting held by Romina Angeli Coach facilitator)
      • Tuesday 9 July from 18.00 to 19.15
        How to talk to your child and receive listening easily (meeting held by Romina Angeli Coach facilitator)
      • Tuesday 16 July from 18.00 to 19.15
        Nutrition in a healthy, traditional and correct way in the family (meeting held by Dr. Simona Casadei Oncologist Nutritionist)
      • Tuesday 23 July from 18.00 to 19.15
        Find out how your child learns (meeting held by Romina Angeli Coach facilitator)